He gets me everytime..

He gets me everytime..
carpe diem

Monday, February 25, 2013

shout out to my hubs

well well well.. look what I found on my husbands computer.. Yes that is right.. I definitely married a genius.  Seriously though, he has straight A's and still finds time to play with me..I wont bring up disneyland though ..(still a little bit of a sensitive subject) haha.  But I really don't know how he does it.. These next few months will be a little painful because he is taking the MCAT in May (the 18th)..and according to all Med School admissions it is a pretty big deal ;)..between you and me,.. I know he will do great. haha.  It is soo crazy to think what we have ahead of us! We have not a clue what to expect... Im pushing for a California med school while Ryan wants Texas :/ I guess I cant judge YET because I have never been there.. but that will all change in June. Here we come Austin! But keep your fingers crossed for  us! I really am so grateful for how hard he works and I know he has many sleepless nights of studying ahead of him! Everyone keeps saying it will pay off in the end..so that is what I am banking on! ha. I still cant help to be nervous about being a single parent for the first few years. .. but I really am so lucky to have married such a hard working man who knows what he wants and is working and will continue to keep working very hard to support our future family. I love you Ryan T Barlow.

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  1. yayy a new blog post! love this. I can't believe his workload! Good for him for getting through that, not to mention with those grades! Crazy. Austin will be fun, but you know I'm pushing for CA Med School :) Good luck to him on the MCAT!