He gets me everytime..

He gets me everytime..
carpe diem

Monday, February 25, 2013

shout out to my hubs

well well well.. look what I found on my husbands computer.. Yes that is right.. I definitely married a genius.  Seriously though, he has straight A's and still finds time to play with me..I wont bring up disneyland though ..(still a little bit of a sensitive subject) haha.  But I really don't know how he does it.. These next few months will be a little painful because he is taking the MCAT in May (the 18th)..and according to all Med School admissions it is a pretty big deal ;)..between you and me,.. I know he will do great. haha.  It is soo crazy to think what we have ahead of us! We have not a clue what to expect... Im pushing for a California med school while Ryan wants Texas :/ I guess I cant judge YET because I have never been there.. but that will all change in June. Here we come Austin! But keep your fingers crossed for  us! I really am so grateful for how hard he works and I know he has many sleepless nights of studying ahead of him! Everyone keeps saying it will pay off in the end..so that is what I am banking on! ha. I still cant help to be nervous about being a single parent for the first few years. .. but I really am so lucky to have married such a hard working man who knows what he wants and is working and will continue to keep working very hard to support our future family. I love you Ryan T Barlow.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Too fun not to blog about.

Okay, well while I'm trying to figure this whole blogging thing out I wanted to write a little about our trip to Florida and our cruise before it is forgotten! We did the last weekend of summer and the first week of school :/ whoops! (It was well worth it:) .When we were in Orlando we managed to fit in, Island of Adventure and all FOUR parks of Disneyworld! Island of adventure was so fun because of the new Harry Potter World! The lines were not that bad because all the locals were already back in school. Ryan and I took full advantage of the "express lane" when we did not get caught that was... ;) I made Ryan make multiple trips back to the the Butter Beer cart, it was soooo goood!!

Disney World was soo magical!! We defiantly were running around like chickens with our heads cut off because A. we both have not been and B. we had to fit it all in in ONE day! I would say we conquered it though, we went and saw all the Main attractions in each park! If I were to go back I would spend more time in Epoct Center though, that was our favorite!
yes... I had to get my face painted..ryan was a good sport about it though :)
okay....I needed a shirt too!! I was a first timer!
Our favorite!

We are definitely themed parked out.. still! But we loved every minute we were there! We were also so pumped for the cruise, which did not let us down! So yes we went on a cruise during "hurricane season" and yes there was a hurricane so we had to switch up the ports.  We were told that the hurricane came in our favor because we got to go to Grand Turk which was BEAUTIFUL! And literally we were the only boat on the island!
St. Martin was are first stop!
We saw the airport where the plan literally the biggest air crafts flew 10 feet over your head!

The next stop was St. Tomas. We went straight to Meagans Bay and we were the first to arrive! We took full advantage of the Bay to ourselves, soaked up the raise and took a million pics in the clearest water I have EVER seen!  (That was the only time our under water camera was used )

 The Last stop was Grand Turk where we road horses into the ocean!

The time that was not spent at the ports was also soo fun! we were up late dancing, going to shows, maybe even playing a few rounds of blackjack? Overall we were were so happy with our trip and it was such a blissful week! We may or may not of told a few new friends on the ship that it was our honeymoon?! IT sure felt like one!! :)


MAMA Denise got wedded up!  Seriously, I am so happy for my mom! October 20th will be a day to go down in history! It was such a great day and It was so fun to see my mom so happy and so much in love. She has been such a great example to us all! From waking us up every morning for seminary with a hot breakfast, (we never left the house without a packed lunch) to driving us around to the endless dance classes and church/soccer activities she was there pulling us through it all! We would not be who we are without this lady in our lives! We love  Dave and know he will treat her like the Princess she is!

During the Lunch we got Dave prepared with life with D-nigga-denise 

‘Now that DeNave are officially married we are going to give dave our top ten things he needs to know while living with devise;

Your fridge will always be stocked with and sometimes ONLY Diet Coke

Your thermostat will be kept at a wide range of 72 to 74 degrees

When she offers chocolate cake after meal, she's lying

From now on you'll be on time to everything and if you're two minutes late she'll be in the driveway honking

Don't get too attached to stuff, cause if it not bolted down it may be gone tomorrow

Your bathroom counters will be wiped down daily, and your floors will never be sticky

You will always have a packed lunch

Denise's 4 main food groups: salad, cereal, cheeseburgers and targetpapcorn

When she says she's going to lunch don't expect her back for 5 hours

And if you ever can't find her; call the target hotline!"
LOVE YOU MOM!! We are so happy for you!!

 Another thing we need to celebrate is the GIANTS winning the wold series! BOOYA!! When we were home for my moms wedding we all were able to go to game 6 of the playoffs! )Thanks to Brad and Ryans dads work) It was so fun!! Luckily I married a man who is just as big as a fan of the Giants as the Taylor side of the family! GO GIANTS! 
Last Thing I need to mention is HALLOWEEN! I have to admit Ryan and I were not quite sure what to do for our first Halloween as a married couple..  It came and went without too much celebrating...So I knew I would NOT let that happen this year!! My good friend/neighbor  and I planned a Halloween party at her husbands cabin up Sundance canyon. I would have to say it was a SUCCESS! There was a great turn out and everyone had such amazing costumes! The cabin was a perfect place to accommodate a wild couples party. We played games ate food and even the ladies got their dance moves on!  I thought our costumes were very fitting do to the election being this weeK! GO MITT! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

lets try this again...

Okay okay.. well we have made it past the one year mark!! Lets see here.. should I try and sum up the past year?? ...nahh.. . But really, this past year has been so different then all the rest. I'm a married woman and loving it! We have had quite the adventures and I can't wait for the many more adventures that await us! I really think blogging is a great thing.. so I'm going to really try and keep at it. (I think I have written that same sentence in my journal 3452 times ;) but really ..yay for blogs! They are like journals only with pictures.. and the world sees what you say?? humm same thing.. right..? Anyways..  here a few pics from the past year! I would have to say.. we make a good team :) ... Shout out to my husband who really has been more than what I deserve! He is currently studying which is pretty normal around here...I'm so grateful for all that he does for our little family.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JUNE 24TH 2011

June 24th was such a perfect day! I want to post all 787 pictures! Ill try and narrow it down for you... As much as a blur it is to look back now, I can honestly say was the happiest day of my life. Not only was the dance floor was wild:) ....It was amazing to share this step in our life with everyone we love!


Okay okay.. it is that time I put pictures from our wedding up. Here are a couple favorites that were taken in May in San Francisco.. you would think it would be pretty warm...FALSE. it was freezing. Luckily my photographer was able to get a few shots that we did not look like we were in too much pain :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well..the wedding is over..the honeymoon is the past..the apartment is all set up.. the next most important step of being a "grown up" is what has lead me to this. and that is.... Getting a BLOGSPOT :))

My first blog post..I don't know how I feel about it.. I have heard so much about these so called "Blogs" through my older sisters and friends... I never thought I would give in now I'm here and ready for the blogging to begin!

Honeymooners :))
After two nights in San Fransisco we headed off for probably the most memorable weeks of our life in Kauai. It really was paradise just being with my best friend in the middle of a postcard!